Text Box: My own favourite photos 
of our Family
Text Box: [Above] All suited up for the Mars Landing:  Here are 5 of the Exchange students from around the world who gathered at Huston Texas.
From left - white space suits: Daisy McDONALD (Ireland) and  Joshua Wayne BAUER (Australia).  
Front left - red space suits:  Thomas COX (Australia), Steven TOBIN (Ireland) & Matthew LEVENSTON (England).
Photo taken at the International Space School, Houston University Texas USA. 2004.

[Right]  John Malcolm BATES and his bride Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE after their marriage at St. Francis Catholic Church Frankston Victoria.  Parents of Malcolm Whitworth Bates, Catherine Veronica BAUER nee BATES and Vicki LouisecPRICE nee BATES.
Text Box: Malcolm Whitworth BATES
Text Box: Catherine Veronica BATES                           Vicki Louise BATES
Text Box: G-Grandma DIBBLE nee MULLINS Joshua Wayne Bauer & 
[baby] Amy Louise BAUER
Text Box: [Above cntre] Veronica Maude [Ronnie] BATES nee DIBBLE, Malcolm Whitworth BATES, & Natalie June BATES nee OATES and John Malcolm BATES    
[Right] G-Grandma Mabel Grace BATES nee DICK &  baby Amber Grace PRICE
Text Box: Malcolm BATES
Text Box: Cathie & Vicki BATES
Text Box: Cathie BAUER nee BATES
Text Box: [Above] Catherine Veronica BATES and her Father John Malcolm BATES for her wedding to Derek Wayne BAUER AT Notre Dame Catholic  Church. WA
[Below] Malcolm Whitworth BATES, Vicki Louise BATES, Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE [Ronnie] holding Catherine Veronica BATES.
Text Box: [Above] Malcolm Whitworth BATES and his bride Natalie June BATES nee OATES.
[Right] Vicki Louise BATES with her father John Malcolm BATES coming into the Church for her marriage to Peter Richard PRICE at Notre Dame Catholic Church. Cloverdale WA.
Text Box: Vicki Louise BATES, Catherine Veronica BATES and Malcolm Whitworth BATES  -  Photo taken when Malcolm returned home on leave from the Army and the girls were going to Carnarvon and Karratha for their first years of teaching after completing University.
Text Box: Right: Amber Grace PRICE and her mother Vicki Louise PRICE nee BATES at the wedding where Amber was a bridesmaid to her friend:

Left: Bride and her 5 maids all in a row:
Amber is second from the bride: not Amber’s child but took a liking to Amber for cuddles.