Text Box: The PRICE book contains 160pp with maps and extensive indexes of people, places and subjects.  Henry Price took up 100 square miles of land under an Occupational Licence at Todd River, in what was to become the Hundred of Koppio, 20 miles north of Port Lincoln.  He had married Isabella Young, originally from Leith in Scotland, in Holy Trinity Church, Adelaide in 1846.

Henry had landed in Sydney in 1841, and had come overland droving sheep down the River, with members of the Hawker family.  He had taken up 101 acres of land at Spalding in the north-west.  At the time he was about 22 years old, having been born in St. Peter Port, Guernsey, in 1819 and had been educated, with his brother, Professor Bonamy Price at Rugby under Doctor Arnold.  A number of the Price boys and their cousins attended this school.

Records show that Henry shipped his sheep from Port Pirie to Lipson Cove near Tumby Bay (Harvey Bay).  The land was rough and hardships for a young married couple with four small children were many.  Henry went into partnership with his brother-in-law Arthur Hardy (who built “Birkgate” and who married Henry’s sister Martha Price).  The partnership was over two leases, one centred at Strawberry Hill and Greenpatch and the other at Tulka, all of which are about 30 miles west of Port Lincoln.

The diary sheds new light on the early history of the Port Lincoln area.  Many small ships arrived in port bringing Administrators, Bishops, Doctors, Pastoralists, Surveyors, Traders and Miners.  Henry who had been appointed a J.P. in Spalding some years earlier, sat on a number of police matters and various preliminary hearings of varied importance.  His main occupation, however, was running his numerous “sheep stations”.

The second son of Frederick Price and Marguerite de Guerin was Matthew Guerin Price 1787-1847 who married Caroline, Countess Raphael, Before her marriage to Matthew Guerin PRICE she appears to have been from the MAENZA family.   Very little is know about Matthew Guerin Price except he was a Private Banker and was married in Naples Italy possibly around 1816/17.  We have four children we have found from this marriage - Captain Matthew Price born Naples Italy 1 January 1818 and Mary Caroline Price born Naples Italy, 14 June 1819. Mary Louise Raffaele Price born Naples Italy on 27 September 1820 and married 1850 in Leicestershire but we don’t know her husband and Rev Edward Henry Price born Naples Italy, 24 May 1822.  See biographies, written by myself in our family history “GRANDMA! Where did I come from?”.  Stories about: Captain Matthew Price 1818-1883. Pioneer of Victoria Australia and also New Zealand, and PRICE Matthew 1854-1940  born in Victoria, educated in New Zealand was an  explorer and bridge and jetty builder in Western Australia.  Other names   Rev. Edward Matthew Price, 
Rev. Frederick William Stephen Price,  Herbert Johnson Price,   Arthur Danvers Price.    Henry Mornington Price,  
Reginald Thompson Price. [Below left] The Town Church St, Peter Port, Channel Islands
Text Box: [Left] Gwen and Jim Price at Government House.
Jim and Gwen Price live at Coodardy Station in the Murchison area of Western Australia, where previous generations of the family have also lived.
Text Box: [Right] Matthew  Price, born Port Phillip Colony of New South Wales (now Victoria) in 1854 and died in Western Australia 1940.
He was the contractor who built the first Mandurah WA traffic bridge also Carnarvon Jetty, and many other large projects in the early days of Western Australia.
Text Box: [Right] Children on the Beach of Guernsey, 1883, a painting of Petit Port by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
This is where the deGuerin and Price Ancestors would have played as children — Matthew de GUÉRIN b1738 and Marguerite OLLIVIER 1745-c1772 who were married about 1766 at Town Church, St. Peter Port. Channel Islands. Also Matthew Guérin PRICE who was born January 18, 1787 at Guernsey Channel Islands and married Caroline, COUNTESS RAPHAEL, MAENZA in Naples Italy. 
Text Box: Rugby School was founded in 1567 as a provision in the will of Lawrence Sheriff, who had made his fortune supplying groceries to Queen Elizabeth I of England. Since Lawrence Sheriff lived in Rugby and the neighbouring Brownsover, the school was intended to be a free grammar school for the boys of those towns. Up to 1667, the school remained in comparative obscurity. Its history during that trying period is characterized mainly by a series of lawsuits between descendants of the founder, who tried to defeat the intentions of the testator, and the masters and trustees, who tried to carry them out. A final decision was handed down in 1667, confirming the findings of a commission in favour of the trust, and henceforth the school maintained a steady growth.   Left:  RUGBY COLLEGE TODAY 
Text Box: 	HISTORY echoes throughout Mostyn House School from the foundations of its black and white timberwork buildings to the faded portraits of past headmasters and pupils on inner walls. A new and significant chapter in the history is about to be written. Headmaster Julian Grenfell has announced his retirement and is to hand over the reins to his eldest daughter, Suzi. 
 	Suzi will become the sixth generation of the Grenfell family to hold the position - a record thought to be unrivalled in the UK.  She will also be the first woman to become headteacher at the private school, which is based in Parkgate, and she will be the first Grenfell to head the school whose first name is not Algernon. Ms Grenfell last night said: "I'm very excited about taking over a school with such a proud heritage in our family.  "I will lead the school into its 150th anniversary celebrations in 2004, and I'm delighted that dad will be staying on as principal in an advisory role to help organise the landmark anniversary." 
	Algernon Daryl Julian Grenfell will retire at the end of the summer term after turning 65 in February. He took over as headmaster in 1964 when he was just 27. It has been the period of greatest change in the school's history since the 1890s. Mr Grenfell has guided the school through its transition from a traditional boarding prep school to a successful co-educational day school with sixth form and nursery for younger children.  And Mr Grenfell still leads the school chapel services as his father and grandfather before him.  "It has been an amazing spell. Not only have there been mammoth changes in education, the school was also hit by the recession of the 80s.  "It's been a tremendous experience, but I decided, with the help of my wife, that it was time to retire.  "Besides, to keep Suzi waiting any longer would have been unfair, " he said.  Mostyn House began life as a small school in Tarvin in 1854 with the Rev Edward Price as headmaster.  
	When Lord Mostyn decided to sell his family's land in Parkgate, Rev Price bought it for bigger premises and moved the school to its current site in 1855.  His nephew, the Rev Algernon Sidney Grenfell, took over the school seven years later and held the post for 20 years before leaving former pupil William Barrett in charge for a temporary period.  Two of Algernon Sidney's sons were to lead extraordinary lives. Wilfred Thomason Grenfell became a world-famous missionary doctor and was knighted for his work in Labrador, Canada.  Meanwhile, Algernon George Grenfell or AG as he was known, became one of the foremost educationalists of his time. He became head at Mostyn House in 1890 and spent more than 40 years transforming the school.  He introduced educational innovations which are still used today and built the chapel, dining room, the old swimming pool, covered playground, changing room block, tearoom and four-storey block on Parkgate front.  He extended the cottage and gave parts of the school their now famous black and white exterior.  AG was succeeded by his son, Algernon Marshall Daryl Grenfell, who continued his father's work, expanding and modernising the school and keeping it running through World War II - even building an air raid shelter under the playing fields.  When Daryl died in 1964, he was succeeded by today's headmaster, Algernon Daryl Julian Grenfell. Mostyn House School is not the only common thread to run through the Grenfell family history. Whilst AG was a celebrated Oxford academic, Wilfred got a rugby blue at the university.  Daryl was in the first rowing eight squad at Oxford and Julian was in the 2nd tennis six.  It is a tradition Suzi kept up as she gained two half-blues for shooting at Oxford and sport remains as important today at Mostyn House as it did in the 19th century.  
	Suzanna Mary Tracy Grenfell, the eldest of Mr Grenfell's three daughters, brings a range of experience having previously taught at Brighton College in Sussex and Kenton College in Nairobi.  Meanwhile, she will be able to rely on her father's advice as he stays on as principal to help with the business side of the school and organise the anniversary celebrations.  It is another first for the school steeped in tradition as the father and daughter form a partnership for a new era. 
Rev. Algernon George GRENFELL is the father of  Rev Algernon Sidney GRENFELL who married Maria Guerin PRICE. - Rev Algernon Sidney GRENFELL is the second cousins 4 times removes to Scott James PRICE, Matthew John PRICE and Amber Grace PRICE.     

The children of Maria Guerin PRICE and her husband Algernon S GRENFELL and their descendants are the direct line from  Pascoe GRENFELL (Grenfield). 1692-1752.

There would appear to be a definite gene for teaching in the families of PRICE, de GUERIN and BATES families going back to the early 1800’s.   In the present generation alone in Australia from the  descendants of John Malcolm BATES and Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE, the teachers are Catherine Veronica BAUER nee BATES, Vicki Louise PRICE nee BATES, Rebecca Jane SOLOMON nee BATES, Amber Grace PRICE, her brother  Matthew John PRICE is now doing a Post Grad in Teaching and Amy Louise BAUER is studying part time towards her teaching qualification as well as working as an assistant teacher.
Text Box: PRICE, Frederick Rowan Bonamy 1882-1916  
Nationality: Canadian British born.
Rank: Sergeant 
Canadian Army Service Corps  
Age: 34  
Date of Death: 19/11/1916 
Service No: 516328 
Additional information: Son of the Rev. Frederick William Stephen Price 
and Charlotte Agnes Josephine Price, of Stanton Rectory, Chippenham, Wilts, England; 
husband of Christine Alexandra Price,  998, Tupper St., Montreal. 
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead 
Grave/Memorial Reference: P. 97W. S. 
British Columbia. CANADA.	

The siblings were:
1. Sgt. Frederick Rowan Bonamy PRICE born 1882 KIA
2.  Lieut. George Lance FitzRoy  H. PRICE born 1884
3. Lieut. Oliver Mackensie B. PRICE born 1887
4. Lieut. Maurice D'Auvergne PRICE born 1888
5. Rosa Marguerite M. PRICE born 1891
6. Lieut. William de Guerin PRICE MC was born 1896

Lieut. William de Guerin PRICE MC was born 1896 younger brother of Sgt. Frederick Rowan Bonamy PRICE 
born 1882 KIA
16 SEPTEMBER, 1918. 
Citation: Lt. William de Guerin Price, For conspicuous
gallantry and devotion  to duty. He displayed the greatest skill and coolness in collecting valuable information. 
He formed up a party and by a steady fire checked an enemy enveloping movement. His prompt and gallant action, 
which was done under the heaviest fire, saved many from being cut off. Later, although exhausted, he assisted 
in reorganising the men about him, and by his coolness and cheerfulness kept up their spirits and resistance. 

Leslie Cecil PRICE 1893-1915 [Australian Army] KIA ww1 is the second cousin of Sgt. Frederick Rowan  Bonamy PRICE 1882-1916 [Canadian Army].  
Leslie Gaunt PRICE 1921-1942 KIA ww2 is the second cousin once removed of Sgt. Frederick Rowan Bonamy PRICE KIA ww1- Leslie Cecil PRICE ww1 is the uncle of Leslie Gaunt PRICE.ww2
Scott James PRICE, Matthew John PRICE and Amber Grace PRICE are the second cousins three times removed of Sgt. Frederick Rowan  Bonamy PRICE  kia in ww1 and his siblings. Digby John PRICE is the 2nd cousin 4 times removed.

Left:  RAPTOR:
Sparrow Hawk
Right:  Goldfinch