Our 21st Century babies.
Arrival of our Second Great grand-child:
It’s a girl:  Zoe KRIWOPISCHIN
Text Box: Announcing the arrival of our 
first Great Grand-daughter 
Zoe KRIWOPISCHIN December 2016
Everyone delighted.  John and I are thrilled. 
Zoe KRIWOPISCHIN is the 2nd cousin to Digby John PRICE 
Text Box: [Left]
Auntie Amber [PRICE] with baby Zoe 
who is actually her first cousin 
once removed.

b. Dec. 2016 
daughter of 
Text Box: This is the ANCESTRAL line back for John Malcolm Bates to the First Fleet and Veronica Maude Bates nee Dibble back to England and Ireland. They all sailed to become entwined in Australia from the earliest settlers. 
They were The pioneers.

Zoe Kriwopischin is a descendant from The First Fleet 1788. Zoe is the 8th Great Grand-daughter of Owen Cavanough from the Flag Ship “Sirius” who married Margaret Darnell from the prison ship “Prince of Wales”. 
Owen and Margaret Cavanough were among the first settlers in Australia.

The First Fleet of 11 ships, each one no larger than a Manly ferry, left Portsmouth in 1787 with more than 1480 men, women and children onboard. Although most were British, there were also African, American and French convicts. After a voyage of three months the First Fleet arrived at Botany Bay on 24 January 1788. This is from the BATES family line.

Zoe Kriwopischin is the 19th Great Grand-daughter of John (or Richard) de CAWARDEN bc1375-1447 who married Elizabeth MALVOISINE. The surname later became CARDEN.  
This is from the CARDEN [Book 2] family line through Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE. And via  Maria ‘Carden’ ABBOT from The Carden’s of Barnane and Tipperary, she arrived in the Port Phillip District of the Colony of New South Wales on board the sailing ship Branken Moor, on the 3rd December 1841.  She was a Pioneer of The Port Phillip Colony.

The Port Phillip District was an historical administrative division of the Colony of New South Wales, which existed from September 1836 until 1 July 1851, when it was separated from New South Wales and became the Colony of Victoria.
Text Box: Above from left: Grandma Catherine BAUER nee BATES and right is mummy Amy BAUER and centre is Great Grand-mother Veronica BATES nee DIBBLE holding our first GGdaughter Zoe KRIWOPISCHIN. 4 generations direct.
Right: Great Grand-father John Malcolm BATES and beautiful Zoe KRIWOPISCHIN communicating at a special level. 
Text Box: My, how I have grown. 16/2/2017
Text Box: The BAUER and SCHILLING families were among many who arrived on Australia with a large Lutheran Community on the  PASSENGER Ship "Solway"  which left Hamburg 09 Jun 1837 arrived at Kingscote (Kangaroo Island)  16 Oct 1837  the ship of 337 tons built 1829-1837. This trip she carried 38 adults passengers to start the South Australian Lutheran Community in the Barossa Valley South Australia. 
Carl Leonard Friedrich BAUER arrived 16.10.1837 on Solway from Hamburg. His occupation was Farmer, Baker and Cheesemaker. 
The full family history of the BAUER and SCHILLING families is in the book:
Persecution, Peace, Pioneering,

Note: 16 October 1837 is exactly 100 years before I, Veronica Maude Bates was born on 16 October 1937 in Melbourne Victoria.  This is a connection for the  Bauer/Bates marriage in Western Australia.
Editor: Veronica Maude Bates  -  Great Grand-mother of Zoe Kriwopischin  [Right]. 

Zoe Kriwopischin is the Fifth great-grand-daughter of Carl Leonhard Friedrich BAUER who was born December 5, 1808 at Grotzingen, Karlsruhe, Baden, Brandenberg, Germany. He married Maria Elizabeth SCHILLING was born September 22, 1822 at Langmeil Zullichau, Province of Brandenburg, Prussia..
This is from the BAUER family line.


[Above] ZOE on visit to Great Grand Ma [Veronica Maude Bates nee Dibble] and Great Grand Pa

[John Malcolm Bates] on 30 September 2017 with her Grandma Bauer [Catherine Veronica Bauer nee Bates].

Text Box: Gorgeous ZOE KRIWOPISCHIN - Great Grand-daughter to John and Veronica BATES
Text Box: Photos at right - Top: Zoe  Kriwopischin and lower photo is Mum Amy and Zoe.