Text Box: Captain MATTHEW PRICE 1818-1883 Pioneer of Victoria    
Grandma! Where did I come from?  
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Text Box: It has been established that Matthew Price was born in Naples in 1818. His parents were Matthew Guerin Price a Private Banker and Caroline, Countess Raphael of the Maenza Family, 

Matthew was married to Elizabeth Donaldson Traveller in the East Indies in 1840. Elizabeth was born in Madras East Indies in 1820, and her father was Cornelius Traveller, a Clergyman. 

Elizabeth Price nee Donaldson, arrived in the Port Phillip Colony on the Sailing Ship “Kent” in April 1853, with their children, Alice Louisa 8 years old, Charles Danvers 5 years old, Edward Guerin 12 years old, Grace 2 years old, and Susan Burge 1 year old.

Two more children were born after their arrival in The Port Phillip Colony, Matthew Price Jr. in 1854 and Henry Gaunt Price in 1857. 

Captain Matthew Price is believed to have arrived in Australia, with his troops of the 40th  (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot. They would have embarked in the UK and they arrived in NSW in 1852 on HMS Troopship Vulcan.  Captain Matthew Price came to the Port Phillip Colony (Victoria) soon afterwards.  He resigned his commission and soon afterwards his appointment as Acting Police Inspector commenced on 4 January 1853.  As Captain Matthew Price was already working here in the Colony he was able to meet up with his family when they arrived on the Sailing Ship “Kent” in Australia. The shipping record for the Kent showed that it sailed from the UK to Australia.

I now have information from the Victorian Police, and this entry from their printed booklet: “List of Chief Constables, District Constables, Police Cadets and Police Officers in Victoria 1836 to 1907” compiled by Thomas O’Callaghan Chief Commissioner of Police Victoria.  Which states:-

No 172  PRICE Matthew   04/01/1853   Appointed Acting  Police Inspector
No 172  PRICE Matthew   01/01/1854   Appointed Senior Inspector
No 172  PRICE Matthew    20/01/1854  Appointed Police Magistrate

Matthew was later appointed a Commissioner of the Mounted Police Force in Victoria.  Matthew was also a Member of the prestigious Melbourne Club.  Since writing this small biography of Matthew Price, I have purchased a copy of a book written by Carole Woods, titled - “Beechworth. A Titan’s Field” printed in 1985,  There is a lot of additional information in this book which will perhaps give a further insight into the life of Matthew while he was with the Police in Victoria, and also interesting information on the Beechworth area of the State.

There are several references to Matthew Price and his career.  It is also stated that he was a Captain in the Madras East India Company Army before his arrival in Victoria Australia. 

 On the 1st September 1856 Matthew Price laid the Foundation Stone of the Beechworth Hospital. 

Matthew & Elizabeth Price had another daughter, Florence Blessington Price, born in 1861, after they went to live in New Zealand. 

In 1876 Matthew Price was appointed Registrar of Marriages; Chairman of Licensing Courts; Licensing Officer, Kumara Special Licensing District; Registering  Officer under Miners’ Right Extension Act and Resident Magistrate, Okarito, on the West Coast South Island of New Zealand In 1883 Matthew Gaunt Price was appointed Resident Magistrate of Ashburton and Christchurch. New Zealand.

He died on 26 July 1883 in Gisborne New Zealand from Gangrene of the Right Foot for 13 days  and Cirrhosis 3 months.   Burial was  on the 27 July 1883 in Plot No 93A at the Makaraka Cemetery (previously known as Houhoupiko Cemetery).  The Headstone Reads: Matthew Price died 26 July 1883 age 66 years.
After contacting the Law Society of New Zealand I was fortunate in that the name Matthew Price appeared in several articles which had been written on the early days of the establishment of the Magistrates Courts in that Country.
There are two references to Matthew Price in “Portrait of a Profession” the Centennial Book of the New Zealand Law Society, published in 1969.
At Chapter 22 “Southland”, page 352, it states:

“For a number of years there were lay Magistrates in Southland, including Henry McCulloch, Captain Matthew Price and Major Jackson Keddell, but Invercargill’s first qualified legal practitioner was William Stuart, born in Edinburgh in 1823, who arrived in Otago in 1858 and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor at Dunedin in 1862.”
Text Box: Regimental Badge 40th Regt. Of Foot.
(2nd Somersetshire )
Text Box: Matthew Price 1818-1883 is the 
3rd Great Grand-father of Scott James PRICE, 
Matthew John PRICE and Amber Grace Price, 
the grand-children of 
John and Veronica [Ronnie] Bates. 
Text Box: The following obituary has been written of Matthew Price 1818-1893:
“He was well respected by those in all walks of life that knew him.  It was said, ‘that his life had personified truth and honesty and a man, gold would not have brought: nor any threat intimidated; nor persuasion have turned him from the direct line of his duty’.”
Text Box: THE PRICE FAMILY in Western Australia:
Matthew Price 1854-1940. 
 His father was Captain Matthew Price 1818-1883
Madras E. Indies Army. Pioneer of Victoria and Commissioner of Mounted Police
Inspector of Police Magistrate Port Phillip Colony Magistrate New Zealand
Grandson of Matthew Guerin Price a Private Banker of the Channel Islands and Naples and Caroline, Countess Raphael of the Maenza Family, 
Pioneer of Western Australia
Explorer and Bridge Builder, Trail Blazer, Grazier,  Gold Miner and  by all accounts a very Popular Fellow.
His Credits:  Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge, Carnarvon Jetty, Rob’s Jetty,  Dongara Bridge. Overland Telegraph Line from Eucla to WesternAustralia.   Matthew Price with Joseph Clarkson were the first two white men to sail into King Sound in their search for pearls.
 Book 1
The Brown Family of Fremantle Western Australia, also Rottnest Island Lighthouse Keepers.
William Brown arrived in WA in 1851.  He was a member of the Water Police and he and his son were 
lighthouse keepers on Rottnest Island 1880-1885 
Captain Matthew Price 1818-1883
Madras E. Indies Army. Pioneer of Victoria and Commissioner of Mounted Police
Inspector of Police Magistrate Port Phillip Colony Magistrate New Zealand 
Grandma! Where did I come from?  Book 1

Matthew Price was born at Brighton Victoria at six years of age he went to New Zealand with his parents and brothers and sisters.  He attended school in New Zealand until sixteen years of age. His first position was as a cadet in the Railway Branch of the Public Works Department of the Middle Island. after two years he joined Messrs Brogden and Sons, who were carrying out the contract for the construction of the railway from Dunedin to Cluther, and also a short South Coast line. In January 1875, he arrived in Western Australia.  He spent the best part of 1876 at Geraldton from where he went to the Murchison with a party who searched for good grazing land.  On his return to Perth, Matthew Price joined the Government Service then late in 1876 was appointed Supervisor for the construction of a telegraph line between Albany and Eucla.
After his work was finished in these remote areas of the south he boarded the Ship Mary Ann to sail on the return voyage to Perth. Between Esperance and Israelite Bay the little vessel was wrecked on a rocky islet.  Fortunately she did not sink or immediately break up, and the crew and passengers had ample provisions and water on board so they were able to wait until rescued.  He later became the owner of several Schooners in the Pearling Industry in the Northwest of WA. And was one of the first two white men to sail into King George Sound.  He also constructed the Dongara Bridge and added 1000 feet to the existing Fremantle Jetty, he went on to build Robbs Jetty, which was used by the cattle trade, then constructed the timber road bridge at Mandurah over the Estuary, and the mile long Jetty at Carnarvon, to name a few.  He was an adventurer, sailor, businessman, a pioneer, trail blazer, grazier, gold miner, and  by all accounts a popular man.  There are many stories written about this land of Western Australia, in all its isolation and the exploits of Matthew Price are well documented. From the Pearling Industry in the North to the telegraph line to the South Coast and the Murchison to the East.  Isolation and hardship were no obstacle to the work that needed to be done.   Throughout his somewhat varied career,  Matthew Price has proved a business man of resource and enterprise.  Of a shrewd temperament he is a thoroughly straight forward man in all his dealing.  He possesses those excellent social qualities which tend to win him friends wherever he may go.  No matter what the vagaries of life have placed him in, he has met them bravely.  A general favourite, there is no one that knew him that didn’t wish him well.
Text Box: BROWN, RICHARD  GAFFNEY 1896-1918       Sadly there are no photos available for these 2 brave men.
Lance Corporal
Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 44th Bn.
Service No: 521
Richard Gaffney BROWN died at The First Battle of Dernancourt France, 28 March 1918  
Troops from the Australian 11th and 12th battalions sailed on board HMS London en route to Gallipoli. 24 April 1915

Service Royal Australian Navy
Service Number F2918.

Richard Gaffney BROWN 1896-1918 and Aubrey Gaffney BROWN 1898-1944 are the first cousins three times removed to Scott James PRICE, Matthew John PRICE and Amber Grace PRICE. Richard Gaffney BROWN, Aubrey Gaffney BROWN and Mary Margaret COOPER nee BROWN are first cousins.

Mary Margaret BROWN married James Wesley Brittain COOPER [below right] and is the niece of Mary Julia PRICE nee BROWN.  James Wesley Brittain COOPER was found and researched too late to be included in my book  “LEST WE FORGET” A ROLL CALL [book 9] of the ANZAC, British, Canadian & South African Heroes in our Family History.

COOPER, James Wesley Brittain 
Born 1892 at Guildford, Western Australia, Australia
Service Number: 3382
Rank: Private
Unit: 48  Battalion
Service: Australian Army
Conflict: First World War, 1914-1918
Date of death: 07 August 1916
Place of death: France
Cause of death: Killed in action
Age at death: 24
Place of association: Perth, Australia
Cemetery or memorial details: Serre Road Cemetery No 2, Beaumont Hamel, 
Hamel Area, France
Source: AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-1918 War, Army
James Wesley Brittain COOPER was married to 
Mary Margaret COOPER nee BROWN b1886-1921 
She died in NSW. They had no children so please remember him.
Digby John PRICE is the 1st cousin 4 times removed to 
Mary Margaret COOPER nee BROWN.

BROWN family are researched in my book:-
Grandma! Where did I come from? Book 1
Price, de Guerin, Chesson, Slattery, Gilroy, Brown Families.