first slaughterman in 
Port Phillip Colony  -  Book 4
Grandma! Where did I come from?

Text Box: DICKINS John 1812-1899.

John Dickins born on 27 May 1812 at Rothersthorpe England, and died on 30 October 1899, at Bulla Victoria. Australia.  John, with his parents and brother Stephen moved to COLD HIGHAM LODGE,  Pattishall via Towcester, (photo below right) Northamptonshire England, from Rothersthorpe on approximately 18 March 1814.              

John and Margaret (Rice) Dickins (John's parents) farmed on their property at Pattishall during their lifetime, until approximately 1854.  On 18 October 1828, John Dickins (the son) became an apprentice to James Phipps, Butcher, of Northamptonshire, for the period of  8 years.  John's father had to pay James Phipps the sum of thirty five pounds for his apprenticeship.  
At the end of the year 1839, John decided to migrate to Australia.  He came on the sailing vessel 'China' and arrived in Melbourne Australia on 1 May 1840.  The voyage taking approximately six months.

On the journey John acted as the ship's butcher.  After arriving in Melbourne he took a position as a slaughterman at the abattoir (then on the Yarra River, where the Gas Works were later built). John was the first master slaughterman in Melbourne having slaughtered the first cattle at Fisherman's Bend.  After 12 months at this occupation he opened his own slaughter house, on the salt water river. Cattle were herded by drovers down from northern New South Wales and Queensland, to his slaughter house.    On the 24 April 1842 he married a widow, Catherine Maloney (previous married name O'Brien).  Catherine had come out to Australia on the same vessel as John.  After their marriage they lived firstly on the salt water river, near their slaughter house, and then later, John bought 2 acres of land and they built a 2 storey home on this land, at Phillipstown (now Union Street Brunswick).  They lived there for some years before selling it to a market gardener.  On 19 June 1852 John purchased 541 acres (more or less) which, when surveyed on 22 April 1895 was found to be 646 acres, 1 rod, 7 perches. in the Parish of Holden for the sum of 3000 pounds from Alexander Sim.  The Agents for Mr. Sim were Messrs. Mickle and Bakewell.

John cultivated a portion of this land for a few years, but afterwards devoted himself solely to grazing.  He was a Member of the Bulla Shire Council and retained his seat for several years.  John resided on his farm 'Coldhigham Lodge' Bulla up until his death on 30 October 1899.  John is buried in the Bulla Cemetery. John Dickins also owned 227 and 229 Latrobe Street Melbourne, and an acre of land behind the Melbourne General Post Office.  He sold this acre of land before he died, but he left Coldhigham Lodge, the Dickins farm and 227 and 229 Latrobe Street Melbourne to Catherine and Ellen, his two daughters who had helped him run his farm during his life time.                             Information in this story supplied by Manie Kathleen Holmes to Veronica Maude Bates.
Text Box: [Above]  Veronica Maude Bates nee Dibble
2nd.Great Grand-daughter of 
John & Catherine Dickins 
with her husband John Malcolm Bates.
Text Box: [Centre]  Robert James Claremont Dibble. Major Ret..
 2nd Great Grand-son of John & Catherine Dickins 
and his wife Pamela Joye Dibble nee Murray. 
RJC Dibble is the brother of 
Veronica Maude Bates nee Dibble.
Text Box: [Right] Cold Higham Lodge
 Home of the Dickins Family at Pattishall Northamptonshire UK.  Built in  1814 and still standing today and in very good condition.
Text Box: Wild Daffodils in England
Text Box: Above: Portsea Officer Cadet School  GRADUATION CLASS of 1963
Includes Robert James Claremont DIBBLE, marked with arrow.
RJC Dibble retired as a Major after many years in the Army.
Text Box: R. J. C. Dibble
29th Intake
Text Box: Left:
Portsea Officer Cadets march in Melbourne in 1963

Planned as a less formal tour than the one in 1954, the Queen returned in 1963, touring all the states and territories, with the primary purpose being to lead the Canberra Jubilee celebrations commemorating the 50th anniversary of the naming of the capital. During this trip she also toured the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia base in Alice Springs 
Text Box: Above:
342732 Robert James Claremont DIBBLE when he was at the Army Apprentices School, 
BALCOMBE  Mt. Martha Victoria. 
11th Intake Graduated 1958

RJC [Bob] Dibble 4th from front

4th from front

Text Box: Left:  58790 Malcolm Whitworth BATES  -  3rd from left middle row:
Graduation Class 1975, 29th intake group at the Army Apprentices School Balcombe Victoria.

Malcolm is the son of John Malcolm BATES and Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE and is also the nephew of Robert James Claremont DIBBLE who was at Balcombe 11th intake who graduated in 1958 and later retired as a Major after 25 years service.  Malcolm went on to serve 25 years in the Army, retiring as a Warrant Officer.  His grand-father served in the Australian Army until he retired as Acting Captain at 60 years of age.  He had re-enlisted immediately after his demob at the end of ww2.