Text Box: Grandma! Where did I come from? Book 3. Cavanough, Livingstone, Dick, Families
Text Box: Here are some of the surnames of ancestors who feature in the family stories.
Text Box: The surnames in our family history
Text Box: Owen Cavanough – The First Person ashore at Sydney Cove. He was a Sailor from the Flagship  Sirius 1788.  He was also on board when she sank at Norfolk Island.

His wife 
Margaret Darnell – was a prisoner on the 
“Prince of Wales” 1788.

Margaret was sometimes known as Margaret Darling also Margaret Dowling.
Owen Cavanough arrived in Sydney Cove with Captain Phillip in 1788.
He married Margaret Darnell, a 7 year prisoner who arrived in the same fleet on board the Prince of Wales, in 1791,
and had several children and we are descended from their eldest child Grace Cavanough.

Maria Carden ABBOT & 
John Thomas MACDONALD 
Pioneers of Port Phillip Colony.  

Maria Carden Abbot was the Grand-Niece of Sir. Henry Carden of Templemore Tipperary Ireland.  She sailed from Tipperary, Ireland on the Sailing Ship ‘Branken Moor’ arriving in the Port Phillip Colony on 3 December 1841.  She and John MacDonald were married at St. Francis Catholic Church Melbourne 31 July 1842.

CARDEN families of Ireland and The CARDEN name goes back a long way in English history, John (or Richard) de CAWARDEN was born about 1375 in the reign of Richard ll. The name later changing to CARDEN.

Thomas BATES   died with the gunplotters in 1606.
Do we believe all we hear and all we are told.  One of our family stories is that we go back to Thomas Bates who was one of the main characters in the Gunpowder Plot of 1606. (I am still working on this particular story so when I have all the answers I will certainly let you know.) 
PLEASE – let me know.

John Dickins 1812-1899 
First  Slaughterman in Port Phillip Colony, 
and his wife Catherine O’Brien nee Moloney. Pioneers  of Victoria.
Text Box: Arminger Family - Norfolk UK
Armsworth Family - Norfolk UK
Armstrong Family - Norfolk UK
Bates Family - Derbyshire UK
Bauer Family - Prussia - Germany
Blackman Family - UK and Victoria
Brewer Family - UK and Victoria
Brown Family - UK and W.Australia
Burge Family - UK and Somersetshire
Carden Family - Ireland & Australia
Cavanough Family - Hampshire UK
Chesson Family - Norfolk UK
Cole Family - Cambridgeshire UK
Cranston Family - Hampshire UK
de Guerin Family - Channel Islands
Dibble Family - Devonshire UK
Dick Family - Stirlingshire Scotland
Dickins Family - Northamptonshire
Dobbyn Family - Victoria
Dunstan Family - Exeter England
Fairweather Family - Surrey England
Freakes Family - Surrey England
Text Box: Gilroy Family - Ireland
Grenfell Family - England UK
Gough Family - England UK
Guerin Family - Channel Islands
Horsley Family- NSW 
Houston Family - South Australia
Johnson Family - South Australia
Lansley Family - Ludgershall England
Livingstone Family - Scotland & Aust.
MacDonald Family - Victoria
Mackworth Family - England UK
Mahomet Family - Afganistan & Australia.
Maltby Family - Nottingham England
Manning Family - Victoria
Matthews Family - Hull Yorkshire UK 
McDonald Family - Victoria
Meikle Family - Tasmania & Victoria
Milward Family - Somersetshire UK
Millward Family - Somersetshire UK
Mullins Family - Co Galway Ireland
North Family - Derbyshire
Ordish Family - Derbyshire
Pleasants Family - Norfolk UK & Vic
Pleasents Family - Norfolk UK & Vic
Schilling Family - Prussia, Germany,&  Aust
Ward Family -UK


NAME:		Owen CAVANOUGH 79 Years
		Margaret DARNELL  67 Years

DIED;		27TH November 1841

CEMETERY:	St. Thomas Cemetery

LOCATION:	row 9 plot 4