Text Box: How it all began with Denis Bates in 1971

Text Box: Merry Christmas Ronnie with the Family Tree. December 1971.
      Now you've got it, Blot and all.

I have wanted to do it for years, but would never have got around to it if you hadn't twisted my arm. “Thank you”,  Grampy.  
Denis Bates 1903-1974
Text Box: With a line drawing of the “Family Tree” and typical of Grampy’s sense of humour he wrote beneath the ink blot from his fountain pen.


Grampy was a surveyor so the family tree he drew  was 
perfection to see.
Text Box: [Right] P/O Denis Whitworth BATES - 
His grandmother Fairweather on the previous page.
Text Box: [Left]  Harriet BATES nee NORTH b1844
Grandmother of Denis Whitworth BATES [photo above centre]
She was the wife of Rev. Walter Bates.
Text Box: Right: Sgt. William DICK 1851-1929 who married 
Denis Whitworth BATES married Mabel Grace DICK  
Sgt. William DICK is the grand-father of 
Mabel Grace BATES nee DICK. 
Text Box: Rev. Walter BATES  no photo
1843-1879 Minister of the New Jerusalem Church.  (Swedenborg Society)  
Rev. Walter BATES is the grand-father of Denis Whitworth BATES.

William Ernest BATES 1876-1949  South Africa. No photo
Walter George BATES 1873-1964 South Africa. No photo
John Malcolm BATES is the grand-nephew of William and Walter BATES.
Rev. Charles FAIRWEATHER 1847-1929. Derbyshire UK.No Photo
Rev. Charles FAIRWEATHER is the grand-father of John Malcolm BATES. 
Text Box: John Bates 1871-1944 Husband of 
Dora FAIRWEATHER father of 
Denis Whitworth BATES [at top of page]
Text Box: [Photo left] Returning from the Boer War on the RMS Dunottar Castle, July 1900 Standing L-R: Sir Byron Leighton, Lieut. Claud GRENFELL Major Frederick Russell Burnham, Captain Gordon Forbes, Abe Bailey (his son John would marry Diana Churchill in 1932), next two unidentified, Lord John Weston Brooke. Seated L-R: Major Bobby White, Lord Downe, General Sir Henry Edward Colville (a year later Churchill as MP would demand an inquiry over his dismissal from South Africa), Major Harry White, Major Joe Laycock, Winston Churchill, Sir Charles Bentinck. Sitting L-R: unidentified, Col. Maurice Gifford (who had lost his arm in the Second Matabele War).

Lieut. Claud George GRENFELL

Text Box: It is very hard to verify all the information written about the different early Boer Wars.  Here is a report of a death but as shown above there is a photo of Lieut. Claud GRENFELL  who was reported KIA in 1900 has his photo taken on a ship going home to the UK.
Biographical Details:
Grenfell. - Lieut. Claude George, Thorney­croft's M.I., was killed in action at Spion Kop, Feb. 24th, 1900. He was educated at Harrow. His death is thus described by a non-commissioned officer (Sergt. Just), "E; Lieut. Grenfell was first wounded in the leg, and a few minutes afterwards in the arm. I was going to bind up his wounds, when he remembered that he had been shot by Boers who were creeping up to the right rear, and he said to me, 'I can get on all right, sergeant; you shoot those men.' I went on shooting, and fired three times when another bullet hit Lieut. Grenfell in the head and killed him."E”.  This definitely needs more research.  How do we really get to the true story.