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Text Box: Copy of a Letter written from Victoria Australia to family in South Africa in 1934 
given to me from the family still living in South Africa. Read all the family letters in one book. 
Text Box: “Waldon”White Street
 Beaumaris Victoria
January 1934

Dear Walter.
We received your good wishes in time for Xmas and I tell that brother of yours he should and ought to write but they are an obstinate lot the Bates.  However we do not forget all about you although we are so remiss.

The children will be getting to such an interesting age and I would like a snap of them sometime to see what they are like.

Of our family.  Jack is well and as active as ever, all his weekends and holidays spent with his boat and in fishing.  He still goes to town every day at 7.15 a.m.

Denis well in with Titles Office, now has three children, two boys and a girl.  Kathleen was married last March, her husband is in the R. A. E. and with Eileen’s quiet wedding this Xmas the family is somewhat disbanded.

I notice you are going to Capetown and hope you will have a pleasant holiday.  We all send our very best wishes for the New Year and don’t forget we are having a Centenary this year of 1934 if you are wanting to make any further expeditions. Love to you all and so glad to hear from you and be remembered.
Yours sincerely, Dora Bates.
Text Box: [Above] Dora BATES nee FAIRWEATHER. 
[Dora BATES nee FAIRWEATHER is the grand-mother of John Malcolm BATES]
[below] Kookaburra
[Bottom] Swift Parrot
Text Box: Australian Skating Championships 2013 
30/11/2013 - 6/12/2013 Medibank Icehouse Melbourne 
Amber was a participant in  the Western Australian Teams that competed.
Text Box: 2013 Amber Grace PRICE,  grand-daughter of John Malcolm BATES 
and Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE shown by pointed arrows.
Amber is the second great grand-daughter of Dora BATES nee FAIRWEATHER, photo above.

2015 Amber is now in the UK to teach for the next 2 years.  During this time she will take the opportunity to travel around the UK, Europe and the Netherlands.  She will also visit a rural area of India with other teachers in February to assist in their support teaching programme.
Text Box: Amber and the Australian Skating Championships 2013 below: