Snapshots through the generations. 
Nearly 1000 photos 
Covering 12 Generations
(all the photos are fully indexed in the book and relationships shown)

Chapter 1.   John Malcolm BATES & Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE
Chapter 2.   Denis Whitworth BATES & Mabel Grace BATES nee DICK
Chapter 3.   Laurance John DIBBLE & Alveana Lansley DIBBLE nee MULLINS
Chapter 4.   Newspaper Articles and Memorabilia 
Chapter 5.   Olive DOBBYN nee BATES & James Trestrail DOBBYN
Chapter 6.   Rodney Whitworth BATES & Judith Armsworth BATES nee PLEASENTS
Chapter 7.   Robert James Claremont DIBBLE & Pamela Joye DIBBLE nee MURRAY
Chapter 8.   The Ancestors
Chapter 9.   The Cousins
Chapter 10. Group Photos—Schools, Colleges etc. 
Chapter 11.  South African Branch of Bates Family
Chapter 12.  Prince of Wales at Coodardy Station WA Australia

This book is fully indexed.  All photos fully captioned with names etc.  Irreplaceable photos all in one printed book on photo paper 100 gsm for good reproduction.
Text Box: A Pictorial Family History - BOOK 6
nearly 1000 Snapshots through the Generations: 
Companion book to the series:-
Grandma! Where did I come from? Books 1,2,3,4,5.
Text Box: Published March 2006



Text Box: The four photos on this page came to me in 2013.   It was  a part of the family history I had not previously found.

1.   Martha BREWER m 1854 to John ALLISON 1855-1933 dau. Of Elizabeth Ann DIBBLE and James BREWER d1888

2. Martha ALLISON nee BREWER and her dau. Elizabeth [Beth] Catherine ALLISON 1896-1965. 

3.  Thomas James BREWER 1861-1918 son  of Elizabeth Ann BREWER nee DIBBLE. 

4. Martha ALLISON nee BREWER


Text Box: James BREWER, b. c1823, occupation Engineer, immigrated 3 Jun 1857  aged 34, per 'Tudor' to Melbourne with his wife Elizabeth Ann DIBBLE and they had 3 children when they emigrated.
John Dibble BREWER, b. Dec Q 1855 in Bampton,  d. 20 Mar 1920 at 44a Whitefriars St, Coventry, West Midlands.  He married Ada HANCOX, 23 Apr 1882 in Bubbenhall. Immigrated Jun 1857 age 2 years. [He later returned to UK]
Lucy BREWER, b. 1856, immigrated Jun 1857 aged 1, per Tudor to Melbourne. 
Mary BREWER, b. 1857, immigrated Jun 1857  aged 0, per 'Tudor' to Melbourne.
Other children born in Victoria: Thomas James BREWER 1861-1918, Martha BREWER, b. 1859 in Victoria . Frederick William BREWER,  Charles Benjamin BREWER,  Rosanna Jane BREWER, George Henry BREWER,  Clara Elizabeth BREWER. The last 5 children all died in early childhood.
Text Box: [Left] Sister Mary Barnabus, a Benedictine Nun is the sister of Herbert Charles Meikle KIA 1943. Her brother John Meikle married Elizabeth Barrett nee McDonald, sister of Margaret Maria McDonald who married John  Dibble.
Text Box: Picture right: [left in photo] Frederick William BARRETT married c1886 and [right] his wife Elizabeth BARRETT nee MacDONALD/ McDONALD bc1843, Elizabeth b1843 previously married - and had children.  [John Thomas McDONALD bc1820 and Marie Carden ABBOT bc1821 at Barnane Tipperary Ireland are the parents of Elizabeth McDONALD nee BARRETT bc1843]. In the centre of the photo is possibly Fredericka [Freda] McDONALD bc1886.   Marie Carden ABBOT is the grand-daughter of Nicholas CARDEN who was born about 1737 at Barnane Castle Tipperary Ireland. See Carden-page 6 of this website.
Text Box: (Bride) Lillian Elizabeth McDONALD & John MEIKLE bridegroom. 
Lillian Elizabeth MEIKLE nee McDONALD b1915 is the daughter of  Fredericka Emily McDONALD nee BARRETT and Robert George McDONALD.
Text Box: Veronica Maude BATES nee DIBBLE is the second cousin once removed to Lillian Elizabeth Meikle nee McDonald.
Text Box: [Left] 
Robert [Bob] George McDONALD b1886 and his wife Fredericka [Freda] McDONALD nee BARRETT b1886.
Robert George McDONALD b1886 & John Thomas McDONALD b1820 are related and are cousins of some kind. 
Text Box: Surname spelt in 3 different ways on birth/marriage/death certificates: McDONNELL, MacDONALD, McDONALD